Last Updated: December 21, 2017

Here are recent Agenda's and Minutes from FEGC Board of Directors meetings.

These are held each month on the 3rd Tuesday @ 7PM at Thirsty's.

All FEGC members are welcome to come and listen.

If you wish to be added as an agenda item, please contact the board president.

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2017 Minutes 2016 Minutes 2015 Minutes 2014 Minutes 2013 Minutes 2012 Minutes 2011 Minutes 2010 Minutes
2017Minutes01 2016Minutes01 2015Minutes01 2014Minutes01 2013Minutes01 2012Minutes01 2011Minutes01 2010Minutes01
2017Minutes02 No Quorum 2015Minutes02 2014Minutes02 2013Minutes02 (No Meeting) 2011Minutes02 2010Minutes02
2017Minutes03 2016Minutes03 2015Minutes03 2014Minutes03 2013Minutes03 2012Minutes03 2011Minutes03 2010Minutes03
2017Minutes04 2016Minutes04 2015Minutes04 2014Minutes04 2013Minutes04 2012Minutes04 2011Minutes04 2010Minutes04
2017Minutes05 2016Minutes05 2015Minutes05 2014Minutes05 2013Minutes05 2012Minutes05 2011Minutes05 2010Minutes05
2017Minutes06 2016Minutes06 2015Minutes06 2014Minutes06 2013Minutes06 2012Minutes06 2011Minutes06 2010Minutes06
2017Minutes07 No Quorum 2015Minutes07 2014Minutes07 2013Minutes07 (No Meeting) 2011Minutes07 2010Minutes07
2017Minutes08 2016Minutes08 2015Minutes08 2014Minutes08 2013Minutes08 2012Minutes08 2011Minutes08 2010Minutes08
2017Minutes09 2016Minutes09 2015Minutes09 2014Minutes09 2013Minutes09 2012Minutes09 2011Minutes09 2010Minutes09
2017Minutes10 2016Minutes10 2015Minutes10 2014Minutes10 2013Minutes10 2012Minutes10 2011Minutes10 2010Minutes10
2017Minutes11 2016Minutes11 2015Minutes11 2014Minutes11 2013Minutes11 2012Minutes11 2011Minutes11 2010Minutes11
2017Minutes12 2016Minutes12 2015Minutes12 2014Minutes12 2013Minutes12 2012Minutes12 2011Minutes12 2010Minutes12