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A few views of our golf course to share with you Click on the pictures to expand them to full size All the photos were taken by Ray Boyce, course superintendent

2013 Citizen Club Champions - Fred Enke Golf Club!!!

25th Anniversary Photo Album

2012 Club Championship Photo Album

You also can view the 2005 Club Championship Photo's here

1st tee.gif (171429 bytes)

The first tee is just a fun hole. The tee shot requires anything from a medium iron to a three wood. You must guard against the lake on the right and remember that the fairway slopes to the right. The approach shot will then be a short iron to a green sloped toward the front. Don't be long! In fact, if there is any rule of thumb for the course it is don't be long.

2nd tee.gif (216278 bytes)

The second hole is a simple straightaway 200 yard par three. It is carry all the way onto a firm green which is well bunkered. The only intimidation factor is the desert and wash you must carry to reach the green.

3rd fairway.jpg (81212 bytes)

A favorite hole is # three. A reachable par five provided you hit your tee shot perfectly, then hit your approach dead straight and exactly the correct distance. There are several pin placements on this hole which tend to make most golfers use expressions not normally heard in polite company. One of the best views around of Tucson's City Golf's ONLY desert course.

7th fwy.jpg (97920 bytes)

A good drive on seven places you in a position to hit a short iron into a large double green. There is a large waste area in front of the green and it is built up with rocks which are covered with wire mesh.

8th tee.jpg (96332 bytes)

The eighth hole is straightaway with a carry of about two hundred yards required to clear a wash which crosses the fairway. A straight tee shot then leaves only a short iron to the green. Any tee shot not in the fairway is a problem.

9th tee.jpg (139136 bytes)

When the course was designed, the ninth hole (HC #1) was meant to be the finishing hole. It is a long uphill par four. From the regular tees it requires two excellent shots but from the back tees bring your best game.

The view from the tenth tee box can be rather intimidating with a carry of over 100 yards to reach the fairway and a relatively straight shot required to stay out of the desert. A good drive will leave less than 150 yards into a green which is sloped back to front and right to left.

11th_fwy.jpg (131342 bytes)

The eleventh hole is a short par five which requires about 180 yards across desert to reach a narrow landing area. A long straight drive will leave the player with less than 200 yards to a large elevated green with many interesting undulations. Any drive that misses the fairway virtually guarantees a score above par.

12th_green.jpg (93084 bytes)

The twelfth hole is a relatively short par three which will play between 160 and 210 yards. The carnivorous bunker in the front of the green can make life interesting

14th_tee.jpg (109024 bytes)

The fourteenth tee box requires a nice carry to a fairway which is bunkered on the left and has a waste area on the right from the 150 yard mark to behind the green.

16th fwy.jpg (89284 bytes)

Sixteen is a risk reward hole with big hitters able to attempt to drive this dogleg right par four, For the apprehensive the tee shot is blind and the green is well bunkered on the short side.

18th_fwy.jpg (83912 bytes)

By the time you reach eighteen you will be grateful for an old fashioned par five. Straightaway with plenty of fairway. An easy birdie hole.