The club will play next on Saturday; 3/7/2015 at Fred Enke


Do you know how to "adjust" your out of club scores?

The CLUB, adjusts & enters your club scores for you,

but YOU, are REQUIRED TO ADJUST & enter out of club scores per ESC!

ALL Members, please follow the USGA ESC rule illustrated here:


Round 2 Presidents Cup Results


Match Play Skins0001

Golfing in the desert has its challenges as well as its rewards.

Beyond the usual trees, sand and water hazards, FEGC also has plenty of Saguaro, Prickly Pear and Cholla cactus as well as rattlesnakes, scorpions and bobcats.
Come join us for a new experience, it won't be a boring round!

Please note: Although the Fred Enke Golf Club works closely with the pro shop staff to make our tournaments we play there as enjoyable as possible, we are not a part of the Tucson Parks and Recreation department or O.B. Sports, and therefore have no direct influence over the maintenance and upkeep of the Fred Enke golf course.